The Early Years
Eric le Page Langlois was born in Clarence Park, South Australia on the 25th September 1913. He was the second of six children. His sister, Elena, was born in 1911. However, in 1917, his mother gave birth to triplets but they all died shortly after birth. In 1919 his brother Edwin was born. Tragically his father died when Eric was only seven. The family survived by taking in boarders but this meant his mother and the three children had to share their modest little house throughout their childhood.
Edwin, Elena and Eric and their mother, Matilda Langlois at their home in Clarence Park
In 1928, Eric graduated third in his year at Adelaide Technical High School and he received a scholarship to continue his studies for a further three years. He decided to study engineering and, after graduating, he went to work for News Limited in Adelaide.
Through the following years the Langlois family led a happy but modest life. Eric developed a love for machinery and, in particular, cars and aircraft. His pride and joy was his tourer that he frequently used for their holiday trips to Moonta and Victor Harbour. His job at the "Advertiser" newspaper brought prestige to the family. As he was on call incase of problems with the presses, he was the first person in the street to have a telephone in the house.
Elena, Edwin and Eric in the family garden
Eric on a family camping holiday
Eric's pride and joy
Furthering Eric's love of aircraft, he decided to join the local flying club and started to take flying lessons. This continued until the outbreak of World War 2 brought the available aircraft under military control.