Monserrato Airfields outside Caglion, Sardinia
10 April 1943
From 150 Squadron ORB's
Mission summary:
"The effort is to be divided tonight with each squadron taking an airfield. 150 squadron is attacking Monserrato field just outside Caglion in Sardinia. Ten crews were detailed:
The Department of Physcological Warfare report that the leaflets which we have been dropping in Tunisia and other parts are bringing results. At one point 8000 prisoners came over with the leaflets as passes."
All aircraft were airborne between 17.55 and 1815 hours and all returned safely between 2330 and 0015 hours. The attack was well concentrated with time on target 2100 hours. Two stragglers found the ground defences active. Seven photographs were obtained. 142 Squadron lost another aircraft which was thought to have been seen to go down in flames.