16 April 1943
From 150 Squadron ORB's
Mission summary:
"Met conditions are not too good tonight but it has been decided to put on a reduced effort, each squadron is putting up eight aircraft. The target is the old standby - Bizerti. The crews are:
Sgt Mortimer was scrubbed as he was involved in an accident when one of our lorries overturned in attempting to avoid some natives on a turn. Cpl Trennah, LAC Lupton, LAC Hailley, LAC Smith, AC Price and Cpl Maiston are detained at SSQ. Slightly injured while AC Dearden has a fractured collar-bone. Since these men are all armourers we are in a serious position regards bombing up.
Briefing is 2300 hours for tonight and take off after midnight.
All aircraft were airborne between 0020 and 0055 hours and landed safely at base between 0605 and 0625 hours. Sgt Seville failed to take off due to engine trouble. Conditions on route were not too good but in the target area visibility was good and cloud well broken. Ground defences were active, two of our aircraft being damaged. Six excellent photos were obtained."
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