Bizerte / Sidi Ahmed aerodrome
29 April 1943
From 150 Squadron ORB's
Mission summary:
"The Squadron has been detailed to attack Bizerte/Sidi Ahmed aerodrome and ten crews have been selected for the operation.
All the aircraft took off between 2346 and 0007 hours and all the crews claim to have bombed in the vicinity of the aerodrome between 0246 and 0359 hours. Visibility was very poor in 10/10 cloud and thundery showers and pin-pointing was further hampered by intense darkness and no definite results of the bombing were observed. Flack was light and ineffective with one exception all of the aircraft returned safely to Base between 0535 and 0625 hours. At approximately 0500 hours 'JN-B',Sgt Leckie, crashed near Aounina on the return journey and all members of the crew were killed.