Changi Prison
On the morning after the surrender, February 16, all of the forces were moved to Tanglin Hill. later that day the troops began their march to Changi and the beginning of the time as Prisoners of war.

Initially, all of the prisoners were imprisoned in 20 square miles at the north east end of the island. They were contained by barbed wire and given food but left to organise themselves. In the area was the Changi Jail as well as British Barracks. 2/10th Field Regiment was housed in the Selarang Barracks and the Roberts Barracks became the hospital.

The Japanese expected the POW's to become selfsufficient with regard to food and vegetable gardens were set up to supply the food. A group from 2/10 found a fish farm when visiting the beach and collected a large number of fish to suplement their diets. The camp could not keep up an adequate supply of food and by June/July malnutrition was setting in. However, before this on the 15 March, Frank and 218 others from 2/10 Field Regiment formed part of A Force and were sent to Burma to work on the railway.
Of the 834 officers and men of the regiment who became prisoners, 270 died
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