Airfield at Blida
F/Lt Langlois (3rd from left) and his crew
(AWM Archives)
Aerial view of Blida Airfield
Bilda, Algeria
Flying Officer Langlois and his crew joined 150 Squadron at Blida in Algeria. He would have flown at least one mission as 2nd pilot, however the 541 Forms from 150 Squadron for the months of March and April are missing from the ORB's. F/O Langlois flew 7 missions as captain from Blida between April 10th and May 5th.
From the 18th April until the 23rd April the weather conditions were too bad for operational flying. A large reinforcement of three officers and 295 men landed at Algiers bringing up the Squadron to full strength. The Squadron Adjutant F/Lt Pugh rejoins the Squadron and F/Lt Crabb joins the Squadron as Medical Officer and P/O Davies as Intelligence Officer." The weather caused the Squadron to be stood down from 1st May until the 4th May.
F/O Langlois was promoted to acting Flight Lieutenant on 8th May.
Missions from Blida
10 April 1943  Monserrato,Sardinia
 12 April 1943  Landing Ground at Medina (Fuchaillo), Tunisia
 14 April 1943  Airfields in Southern Sardinia
 16 April 1943  Bizerti
 23 April 1943  Bizerti
 28 April 1943  Tunis and Bizerti
 29 April 1943  Bizerti/Sidi Ahmed Airfield
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